An Update on our Program in Nicaragua

Dear Outreach360 Family,

Thank you for all of your support for our program and our students. Some of you may have been following the events taking place in Nicaragua over the course of the last several months. We appreciate your concern and wanted to give you an update.

Nicaragua has been in the news recently for civil unrest. What started as peaceful protests in response to a change in the social security system by the government on April 18th has turned into a difficult situation. However, as the local dialogue continues and international human rights organizations get involved, we are hopeful for a peaceful and orderly resolution.

As always, safety is our number one priority and for that reason, we have suspended our volunteer program for the summer. We would like to acknowledge our volunteers who have either moved their service trip to our program in the Dominican Republic or who have put their trip on hold, for showing great flexibility and understanding.

We are, as always, committed to our students and will be continuing classes at the Learning Center. But with no volunteer funds coming to our Nicaragua program this summer, we have a funding gap. We are looking at other avenues to procure the additional resources we need to support the 87 students in our program. If you would like to contribute to this effort, we invite you to take on one of the following:

  1. Are you a Touch the Future Sponsor in Nicaragua? Please consider increasing your monthly donation. To do so, contact us at
  2. Become a Touch the Future Sponsor for one of our students in Nicaragua.
  3. Make a donation to support our 87 Heroes, the 87 incredible students that need us right now. We are looking to raise $8,700 in their honor between now and next Monday! These funds will close the Learning Center funding gap we have for the remainder of 2018.

More than ever, we recognize and appreciate your incredible support. Please continue to keep the people of Nicaragua in your thoughts and prayers.


Coco Barrett
Country Director, Nicaragua