Family Volunteer Vacations – Make Memories Matter

Outreach360 has been helping families make memories that matter for over 20 years. Through our family volunteer vacations in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, we have not only provided a great service to these communities but have also strengthened the bonds between families all over the country. You might be asking yourself: “Don’t all vacations strengthen family bonds?” Here at Outreach360, we believed that we curate experiences that no other family vacation can match.

So, how do you know if a volunteer vacation is right for your family?

Here are the reasons you should make your next vacation a family volunteer vacation:

Family Bonding Time
The world is full of distractions, largely related to electronics. Phones, tablet, and computers seem to be a constant distraction for families and take away from the potential memories that could be built on vacations. During all Outreach360 volunteer trips, families are given the opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect with family members. This is an amazing opportunity for parents to bond with their children as they get older. As kids get older, parents often have difficulty finding time to fully connect with them. A volunteer vacation is a perfect opportunity to foster this reconnection while also making it fun and educational.

Teach Lessons and Values
Being immersed on a volunteer trip in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua allows for families to learn valuable lessons about giving, service, and helping others. These are core values many families try to teach through regular volunteering. However, being able to participate in a week-long volunteer trip physically shows the values and teaches them first hand. Children are able to see how helping to teach the ABC’s to a child in need can put the biggest smile on their face. These little moments can result in everlasting lessons and memories that will live on and shape your family.

Make Memories that Matter
All vacations are memorable. Whether it is something funny that happened on the beach or that amazing meal you had for dinner, there is no doubt that all time spent with family on vacations create memories. Outreach360 can give you and your family the ability to make memories that not only matter to you but also to others. By spending just one week in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua, you are able to make an impact on the community by teaching and helping others. You and your family will cherish these memories forever and feel so full after your time with us, but your actions and time will create memories for those in need that will also be coveted forever. These dual memories mean so much to all involved, and through this opportunity for a family volunteer vacation, you will be able to create memories that matter.

Outreach360 works to provide the safest and most memorable vacation for families. Be sure to check out our Family Volunteer Vacations page to learn more. We hope you join us to make memories that matter with your family.

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