Outreach360 Students in Nicaragua Need Your Support

Due to civil unrest that started in April 2018, our Learning Center in Nicaragua has been operating with minimal funding and without international volunteers for almost a year. The funding gap this has created is significant and needs to be closed in order for us to keep our Learning Center in Nicaragua open through the end of 2019. That’s why Outreach360 will be participating in Arizona Gives Day for the first time since 2015. By scheduling a donation to Outreach360 through Arizona Gives Day we can not only raise the necessary funds together but also help Outreach360 win an additional $1,000 for having the most pre-scheduled donations on April 2nd.

Despite having to close our Volunteer Program and therefore going without international volunteers and the funds they typically bring with them, we have worked hard to ensure that our students are able to continue learning with us; we have maintained our regular Monday – Friday schedule for all of our students. Our in-country staff and local volunteers are stretched and have shown great perseverance and creativity as they work with our students. They are doing a great job keeping our students engaged and learning. Currently, our students are studying hard for their final exams for their English levels. We have placed a lot of emphasis on their English writing skills as well as promoting good reading skills. In addition to our English programming, we have also been able to continue focusing on Spanish Literacy and Math. 

Last year we held a successful fundraising campaign called “87 Heroes” and raised the funds needed to operate our Learning Center through to the end of 2018. We don’t currently have enough monthly sponsors to cover the full costs associated with operating our Learning Center and now that we are approaching almost a year without our international volunteers, we have an urgent call to raise the necessary funds to cover our funding gap of $40,000 in order to keep our Learning Center open through the end of 2019. We can’t imagine having to close our doors on our students but that could become a reality if we aren’t able to raise the necessary funds. 

Your donation will help ensure that our students in Nicaragua are able to continue to attend Learning Center classes Monday through Friday, have access to the incredible educational opportunities Outreach360 has to offer, and ultimately, have a path towards a Life of Choice, be it vocational training or a university degree, through Outreach360’s Adelante+ program. Participation in this fundraiser is very easy:
1. Go to
2. Click the “Donate” button.
3. Fill out the donation form on the following page and be sure to click the “Scheduled for AZ Gives Day” button under Donation Type. 
4. Share this incredible opportunity (and instructions) to keep our Learning Center open for the students in Nicaragua with your personal network! 

There are so many great ways to help keep the Learning Center in Nicaragua open. Here are just a few:
Donate your birthday to Outreach360 on Facebook or with our own fundraising platform.
Ask and enroll your friends and family to donate to AZ Gives Day.
Become a monthly Touch the Future Student Sponsor!